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Ninestar Corporation established in 2000 and swiftly established itself as the aftermarket industry’s leading innovator focusing on developing inkjet, toner, ribbon cassettes and printer related products. Their quality products and services are distributed to over 100 countries.

Ninestar is recognized as the leading third-party supplier thanks to its commitment to innovation, bringing to the market the industry’s most technologically advanced products.

Largest Aftermarket Production Facility

  • Ninestar’s headquarters boasts a 450 000m2 production facility with 154 separate production lines with 6400 different SKUs offered.
  • Their factory has the capacity to produce 20 million toner cartridges annually along with 100 million ink cartridges and 30 million ribbon cartridges.

Powerful Patent Technology


Ninestar Corporation owns more than 4330 independent patents and 1150 pending patents, far more than any other manufacturer, marketing third party supplies.


Robotic Automation Manufacturing

Ninestar has achieved a higher degree of hybrid automated production than any industry third party supplies brand. This automation dramatically increases Accuracy, Consistency, and Efficiency resulting in

a product that delivers on Performance and Reliability. Ninestar has thirty-two automated production lines. With more stable and reliable cartridges with a near-zero failure rate and perfect performance.


Technological innovation is the force behind the rapid growth of Ninestar. Ninestar has 9 research and development centres worldwide with world-class R&D laboratories. G&G continues to increase their investments into research and development as well as patent technology as it’s the respect of the OEM’s intellectual property that drives G&G in their patent technology.

The G&G Brand

G&G stands for Good Products and Good Printing. The double G icon signifies the promise of both pursuit of quality and passion for continuous technological innovation represent their brand with the emperor penguin, the emperor penguin is an endangered species.

They wish to encourage customers to take care of our planet. The emperor penguins are known for their loyalty and G&G drives the spirit of loyalty.

Why choose G&G?

  • Patent safe with self-developed patented technology.
  • Outstanding stable printing performance.
  • Technologically advanced ability to manufacture products in a hi-tech manufacturing facility.
  • A brand for environmentally compliant G&G products, G&G are safe, environmentally conscious consumables.

Critical Raw Material Quality Inspection

  • Multi inspection procedures
  • Core components 100% inspection
  • World class lab and precise testing equipment
  • Strict detection and control of hazardous substances
  • Safety of raw materials


We are so confident in our products we provide an Industry Leading Unmatched Two-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty To back up our claims.

With Ninestar’s core printing technologies, the use of premium materials, and taking measures to strictly control the production processes, G&G’s products provide more stable performance and a longer printing life, without harming the printer. G&G brings a new level of Reliability and Performance.

Blue Drive Technology

Ninestar was the first in the aftermarket industry to release a non-infringing version of the OEM’s unique gear. Based on its internally developed design, the firm was able to engineer a non-twisted alternative to the OEM’s twisted prism design. Ninestar has improved its gear so that non infringing G&G-branded cartridges can be inserted and removed from a printer as effortlessly as changing an OEM cartridge.

Chip Firmware Technology

Ninestar recognized the threat that chips posed for the company as well as the aftermarket industry as a whole and soon developed its own non-infringing chips.

Ninestar’s customers also gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their business will not be adversely affected by any intellectual property (IP) issues. As an OEM itself, Ninestar is especially respectful of other OEMs’ patents and IP.


G&G products are certified by the highest industry standards ensuring that the products are safe to the environment, safe work zones, reliable, and certified. Compliance is the core of all G&G products.

Solutions Overview

Our dedication is to make our partners successful in supporting them in their endeavors, together with Clover Imaging Group (CIG) we are able to provide a total turnkey solution.

We offer a complete support package necessary to distribute and grow your establishment without compromising quality, service and customer satisfaction.

  • Logistics and national networking
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Custom designed products
  • Environmentally friendly recycling programs
  • Complete customer care and technical support engineering
  • Guaranteed exchange on defective products.
  • We can accompany your meetings to provide sales support and product knowledge.
  • MPS Solutions –We have partnered with key role players in the printing industries to provide effective and deliverable solutions


With knowledge and understanding of the print environment can customise logistics solutions to make your life easier. We have partnered with several logistics companies to offer our reseller partners the best logistics solutions on a personalised basis. This is Quantity dependent.

Our logistics solutions include:

  • Direct delivery to our reseller customer
  • Reverse logistics – Pick up of damaged toner and ink cartridges and delivery of new ones, as well as pick up of empties.
  • Cross border deliveries – Our experience shows that companies outside of South Africa use their preferred couriers. We will work together with those couriers and/or provide a cross border solution using one of our own couriers.

Our business works according to our core values, ethics and integrity. Our objective is not to undermine our resellers / partners but to strengthen them. We will use your customer information only for delivery of products.

Technical Services

  • Independent advisors on standby for all immediate technical needs.
  • Communicating our research and promising satisfaction.
  • Offering direct assistance to market managers and vendors as they work to make their markets sustainable institutions within their needs.
  • Partnering with customers to guarantee performance of our product and evaluations as well as the analysis.
  • Through innovative solutions we help clients overcome problematic ink and toner obstacles.
  • Each year our diverse and experienced team develop and conduct training and provide world class technical assistance.


Contact: Dinesh Jivan

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